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I am newer into the whole lava lamp scene in a sense. I've had three lava lamps over my entire eighteen years. Despite this I never really had much interest in them until about two years ago when what my parents/other people refer to as my 'Woodstock Revival' hit. I've always had a special place for any sort of Hippie/Boho culture, from music to fashion to the problems and issues faced back then even so far as to the art. My mom jokingly says I am a Re-Incarnated Flower Child and that I probably get it from her since she was on the last few years of the hippie thing growing up.

Anyway, I had gotten a lava lamp as a present from my aunt when I was about six or seven, and it stayed in it's box after she sparked this paranoia in me that it was going to explode if I left it on for too long. And being the gullible, already anxious kid I was, I believed her.

Well, after moving several times over the years I finally used the lava lamp for about six months before packing and moving to my current hometown. Most of our boxes never did get into the house, but are still in the garage. At the time, I didn't feel like bothering with digging for my lava lamp so I purchased two of the glitter lamps which weren't as fun.

I recently as six months ago began (destroying) looking in the garage trying to find my first lava lamp, seeing as I was begging to consider re-decorating my room in a Goth/Hippie/Asian mish mash but having the Hippie first instead of the Asian. I only managed to find the base of the lava lamp, but can't find the cap (I believe that's what you would call the top ceramic piece that covers the actual globe's top) or the globe to the set. This distressed me greatly, especially because I couldn't find what it was called, who it was made by, or anything.

Finally I spent six hours today trying my hardest to find out what I could about my lava lamp, and in the process finding this nifty site, and came to a saddening and startling conclusion.

The lava lamp my aunt purchased for me over nine years ago is a Lava brand lamp from the Series II Ceramic line and is known as the Peace Motion Lamp. This would have been amazing for my room, especially because the six months I used it when I was older had the lava lamp being a relaxing staple for me.

This is also very, very saddening as it seems that they are nearly impossible to find (at least for me) since their 2003 retirement and that when you do find it they are extremely expensive.

I believe my dad had thrown the globe out and possibly the cap-topper when he cleaned on our garage a few years back because he figured I'd never use it. Also, due to the dramatic hot summers and cold winters, ontop of the fact the garage flooded twice I am fairly sure the globe would be useless anyway.

I hate to buy a new lava lamp at a store (or even e-bay) because they're all so..plain. I want to be able to purchase a complete Peace Motion Lamp and be happy that I have a comforting thing back as well as a really epic lava lamp compared to the monocrome base/topper sets of nowadays.

So, if anyone at all could help me find either a replacement topper and globe, or a whole new set for reasonable (aka less than $45) l would be very appreciative.

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Your best bet at this point would be to just get another common lamp and use that bottle and cap on your base. The bottles are interchangeable so putting another bottle on your base is no problem, you would want a 32oz globe which is the most common. You will never find a ceramic Icon that cheap as most go north of $ 100. Finding a original ceramic cap would be a shot in the dark at best. Good luck.

Depending where you live, check craigslist. I've gotten two peace lamps, each less than 45. There is no predictability and if you're not near a bigger city it may take longer to find or require travel.
Good luck!
once you have a globe, use Bohdans picture (or perhaps ask for one next to a scale) and have a go at making a cap with air dry clay. It's such a simple shape and colour scheme that I'm sure you could make a convincing reproduction. i would offer to try myself, but being in the UK that isn't going to help much.
Good Luck.
Let me know if you need any advice on mould making, paints etc.

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