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Me, and lala, and rodrigo? I think they fixed theirs with an additional 52oz coil though...

You know...I have an extra 52oz coil...

Joanne said:

How many people have V2 and  no longer have that 'wonderful' flow ?

My pink V2 has been shooting peas since its first coil-flip.  The green v2's coil flipped at the start of the same run (I've always run both at the same time), but it is still flowing normally.

Joanne said:

How many people have V2 and  no longer have that 'wonderful' flow ?

This is really odd.   Both my V1's have done the "flip" from day 1 of having them, but always run beautifully.   Occasionally I will get that overlap with the small coil and have to do the "swirl" and then all is well.   I wonder if everyone having problems with their V2's should just go ahead and drop a 52oz. globe sized coil in with the larger one, and see what happens? 

My green V2 is bubbly but not horrible. But not as good as the V1's. The V1's flow well but they do take forever to get going compared to the first few runs. The pink V2 is still in the box awaiting purple dye. I feel less concerned about cracking it open when people are having these problems. Has anyone noticed how much the green fades over time? My V1 is faded almost as light as my 52oz green neon.

My pink had both of the coils flipped up upon its first spike (they often do this - and I think it accounts for the long start-up times) and I saw gunk/darker flakes around the coil. Not a ton, but enough to be concerning. 

My V2 has only ran once since the coil has been added so i wouldnt say its fixed just yet, however after adding the coil the flow immediately went from pebble/ping pong shooter to several medium/big stretching blobs, the blobs still not quite as big as my V1 but that is most likely due to less wax, i wish they kept the wax higher wax level. The V2 is warming up again now so later tonight i will report on its second cycle since adding the coil.

My V1 flows great as always, alternates alot between column, big stretching blobs and snakes, to tons of tiny blobs. It has also done the "flip" a bunch of times and still flows great, except when it flips and they overlap then it needs to be twirled but after that its perfect again.

Erin, my V1 has A LOT of those dark flakes, it looks like dirt. It is the reason why i got my V2 which I'm still not as happy with as I am with the V1, despite the flakes (they mostly only show when warming up). But the coil I added to the V2 may change that, its warming up now so well see.

i'm trying to get a replacement neon green grande from LL but haven't heard back yet.  even with the bulb extender, the lamp will not flow properly.  i'm absolutely frustrated at this point.  how many months have we been trying to get our lamps working properly?

Both of mine flip, but not all the time. It's really annoying since it seems to take so much longer for them to get going when this happens.

Mt green v1 does the coil flip more often now that I raised the bulb some.  I too noticed black flecks of crap on the coils the last time it did it.  Immediately made me think of the issue Rodrigo had where it got worse and worse and am fearing I'm going down the same path :(

My V1 flips all the time but it never affects the flow as long as the coils end up in the right place afterwards. The black stuff is there at the bottom but I don't think more is showing up, but there is a good amount of it. Good thing is it doesn't really show up when flowing, only on the first few spikes.

My V1's always do the flip, which makes them take much longer to flow, but doesn't seem to alter the flow any, unless I get that overlap with the small coil.   I did notice a few dark yellowish gunky flecks of stuff in the Green's large coil last night.  Now I'm a bit freaked out too, as that has never been there before.   I hope it don't get worse, and it's  not coming up into the flow at all.   Yet...........fingers crossed.

Forgot to mention I have no issues with flow either, as long as the coils settle back down.  Twice they did not and I had to twirl the globe. 

I don't see the black stuff during flow either...but it just seemed to be for a brand new lamp there shouldn't be anything...those coils should be shiny and clean.

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