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Hi everyone, looking for a Pink Neo if anyone is selling? I’m UK based 🙌 thanks . Rob

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I have a pink and orange, both first 100 (for whatever that’s worth :-)), feel free to chuck me an offer. 

As a side note, I wish Mathmos would give some sort of warning before things get discontinued. I noticed the pink was OOS a while ago but it’s not even listed now.   


Hi Paul, thanks for responding but I've managed to sort one 🙌 yes they are sneaky like that!
Heya, was going to say there’s one at the moment Sittin’ on the dock of eBay!

White Neo and copper wall sconce also gone. I wonder if the orange is on borrowed time?

Yes, Mathmos do seem to to have an annoying habit of quietly dropping things - strange particularly with it being common practice elsewhere to have some sort of ‘last chance to buy’ notice on soon to be discontinued products/lines.

Metallic Astros disappeared recently aswell, as I suspected they might.

Yeah they are bad for that! I think the Platinum Vinyl will go at some point too! I have the complete Neo collection now , woo! Haha the metallic astros were a good idea but I’ve never seen one that doesn’t have defects on the coating 😬

Some of us still bear the scars or the Mathmos mass product cull of the early ‘00s. 

The interesting and diverse product portfolio of the late ‘90s ‘era', overnight reduced to just three models and three colour options.

Never forget.


Oh really? It happened that quick? I got my first when I was a kid back in the early 90’s but didn’t start properly collecting until 5 or so years ago

Actually, I tell a lie, four lava lamp models, plus I think they still had the portable LED lights, and the Space Projector.

But the ‘cull’ was pretty brutal - glitter balls, metallic Astros (the early ones with the metallic wax), glitter baby, white Jet, dayglow Jet, 3-in-1 Astro, Fibre Space, Faze 3, Jetstream, Telstar - all gone in one fell swoop.

Eventually the Telstar was reintroduced, more colour options became available and we started to get new models, (many have come and gone, as we know) but it served to mark the end of the ‘renaissance’ era and a period of creativity and innovation that we’ve not really seen from Mathmos since, they seem to be altogether rather more ‘corporate bland’ in their approach these days…

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