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I am ready to purchase some lamps, who has some for sale? Im specifically looking for Xemu Xeno's, Icon's, etc, or anything really.

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i'm wondering the same, i really want one of those xemu xenos!

I do have some for sale but since they're all custom paint jobs they arent exactly cheap. seen from the right angle (depending on which colour you like best) they do look nice though
I have a blacklight pink base and cap, psyc swirl pink base and cap the base has lava logo written on it. A few wizards a blue, black, silver and old gold one. I have a planter style, a candle lava from the UK a few midnight and century bases and caps, glitter gloves etc. If any interest let me know will add photos.
Steve any of those 52 oz?

I have one Icon available, Sharks, but would only consider trading it for another Icon. Sharks was a tough one to get without damage due to the finnage protruding from the base, but mine is truly mint.

Ok Jim, respond to my message PM and we can discuss it :)

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