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I'm trying to find the name of 2 Spencer's Gifts product that would have lived on their shelves around the late 90s, early 2000s. The same time that the Cosmic Window, Lava Alien, Morph Light and "Floating beer tap" were there. The first item was a black light housed in a clear plastic dome with colored marble sized balls surrounding the bulb (They may have rotated when the lamp was on). I remember picking it up, considering buying, but not wanting to shell out the 40 bucks. The second item was a slinky like plastic spring with a sphere of some kind that rotated on a string from a ceiling mounted disco ball motor. The illusion created was of the ball moving up through the spring. I would love to know the names of these products to make my inevitable search of them a little easier. Thanks !

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I remember the latter, but not the former. Wish I recalled the name! That springy thingy was neat.

It sure was! It seems like Spencer's Gifts had a "Golden age" for things of that sort, and today's paltry assortment of Lava Lamps is just a shadow of their former glory.......

I saw this post way back when and knew exactly what the first item you were talking about was. I remembered the word “Vibrotron”, but forgot exactly what it was called. While in my attic recently I found the box for it, so figured I’d share it with you in this thread ;)


So Drew, does vibration from sound make the balls move?

Yeah, with sound input via microphone or direct stereo cable connection, something vibrates in the base of the lamp which causes the balls to spin in an orbit-like motion to the sound. You can just hum into the microphone continuously to get them to spin really fast.

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

So Drew, does vibration from sound make the balls move?

Drew said:

I cannot thank you enough! you have solved my conundrum! Thank you, so much!

Really, ive been looking for this silly thing for years! YEARS, like some obsessed archeologist.... I thank you all for lending an effort, I can finally sleep at night.....

My pleasure, happy to help :)

I’ve been there multiple times with certain items I remember from the past but don’t know the name of. It’s so much easier to find things when you know what they were called!

Happy Hunting

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