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Just seen a friend who has said the Rocket 240mm tall will be around £29.99 and the suspended (milk bottle one ) 270mm tall will be around £34.99 a selection of colours should be available as well as replacement bottles too so you can add colours, the rocket will be available in September and the other in October :-) lets just say they work really well and look stunning ESP the Rocket :-)

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If only they'd offer three-packs for decoration, I'd buy a few for tables on my patio. Very cool.
Thanks for your informations.
great news, the price seems a bit more than i would pay for one of these. But the rocket design looks fantastic. It would be great to lauch this as a full size mains oprated mathmos lava lamp. I think the design will be very well. Mathmos do used the best designs that have shown from previous lamps
well i have my coinage ready for this one, Surly my old man is not going to get annoyed over space consumption, of a candle powered little lamp,,,??
I might pick these up. A little pricey especially for us USA folks. Perhaps a group buy might help us out? These things are nice though because they are "green" since they don't use any electricity. Only issue I can see with these, is there is not going to be enough light to actually illuminate the bottles. It looks good in the photo, but there is nothing to project the light upwards. It will scatter all around.

I will wait and see on this one.
same here I save for mathmos lamps. My birthday on the 20th thinking of getting a fluidium or telstar clea/white can't decide Any idea's.
I'd get both if I were you ;)

I reckon you can't go too wrong either way, but a fluey is a bit of a must have. I have a yellow one arriving any day now from interstate - can't wait!
Yes the Fireflow R1 will be released in September and will cost £29, the Fireflow 01 will be released in October and cost £35

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