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Mathmos projector are they relaxing to watch like a lava lamp?

Hi, are there any Mathmos projector owners on this forum? Lava lamps are great for relaxation, do the oil wheel projectors produce the same relaxation effects? I'm considering buying one to watch on the ceiling, but I'm not sure if the constant circular movement will be annoying, if it's too fast. Anyone have any thoughts of their projector? Thanks. 

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Hi and thanks Keith, that second video in the link show's a lovely slow speed. I took the plunge a couple of hours ago and purchased a Mathmos projector with the LED bulb and a violet and red wheel. I'm not totally convinced on the violet and red choice, I'd would have preferred the clear and clear, but it's out of stock at Mathmos and I couldn't find it for sale anywhere else. I can always purchase another disc at a later date. 

I'll report back when it's arrived, thanks again :)

Update, the Mathmos Space projector arrived, we were very disappointed with it. We couldn't get it to focus decently, at any distance no matter how we tried to alter the focus. It was also quite loud and jerky in movement as the disc rotated. So we sent it back, we have purchased a device by Optikinetics instead. The Mathmos didn't have any amount of decent clarity of image, even on a smooth white surface. I actually won't write our actual thoughts down here, but I'll just say I wouldn't recommend the Mathmos projector based on our experience. :)

Sorry to hear about your experience with the projector. Many years ago, when they were available in America, I bought one and have had none of the issues you described. However, I'm pretty sure mine uses an incandescent bulb and, from your description, it sounds like they may have re-designed it with an LED bulb. I'd never heard of Optikinetics, so thanks for mentioning that - that Aura projector looks pretty cool!

It was their newest model with the LED bulb, the concept is good, but the issues we had surprised us for a Mathmos product. We purchased the Opti Aura, it arrives tomorrow. We were toying with the idea of buying the Opti Solar 250 plus a kaleidoscope lens, multi speed rotator and one oil wheel. Only issue was budget really, sadly. The Mathmos projector was £125.00, I found a company selling a brand new Aura for just over £30 more than the brand new Mathmos projector. The setup we really wanted to purchase by Optikinetics was going to cost in excess of £700, big difference in price there. 

The Opti Aura has arrived, it is superb and beyond comparison. We are really pleased with it. 

I seem to be having problems with the photos of you new setup, srsly Susan!  You know it not true if we don't have pictures or better yet video!  Bring them on!  X Gets his popcorn! X


Here you go, it's projecting onto our white ceiling :)


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