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could anyone shed some light on this lamp, i have been told they were a limited edition with the first 1000 being numbered on the base, i have two of these i bought on the day of release but mine dont seem to be numbered

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The fact that they called these "limited edition" is quite suspect.  I would provide a picture, but I just sent my wife to NYC with my camera.  There should be a white and silver circular sticker on the underside of the base.  If you hold it at the proper angle, you should be able to read "Smart Astro Limited Edition" written in silver against the white background on the bottom portion of the sticker.  In the middle of the sticker in black is the limited edition number.  That being the extent that they designate it as limited edition is weak.  They should have etched the number on the Smart Button or something (i.e. something permanent, not merely a lousy sticker).

Now maybe a little quid pro quo? 

These first generation Smart Astros were stupidly designed in terms of how they affixed/hung the heating plate within the base.  They used rubber bumpers that were affixed inside the base that in turn supported the heat plate at three locations.  On both of my Smarts, one or more of the rubber bumpers have lost adhesion or slipped out of place.  My heating plate no longer sits level within the base.  Is there any way you can measure from the lip of the base to the top of the heating plate?  I would love to get my Smart Astros operational again.  A measurement from the top of the appendage that sits on the rubber bumper to the lip of the base would work fine too.  I would be forever grateful!

They improved things with the 2nd generation and mounted the entire heating mechanism to the bottom of the base with three metal rods.  The heat plate is then mounted on springs that allows the heat plate itself to adjust downwards once the bottle is mounted on the base. 

i had 2 from the first batch, both died within the first year, waste of money, from what i remember they were nothing but trouble, from the mains power packing up or the led's, mine failed on first the heating plate fell out, then wouldnt turn on, second the led's stopped working :-(  Shame as it was a good idea

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