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MOD post: Please keep thread and picture comments on topic

Lately, there's been a lot of back and forth chatter on threads and on pictures that tends to go way off topic. I've been seeing threads with several messages back and forth about stuff that has nothing to do with the picture or topic at hand. Since many of us get email notifications for new comments on threads and pictures, it's been frustrating to get 10 emails a day when someone is just posting non-pertinent information or jokes back and forth to each other

For most of us, and visitors to the site, we'd like to see pertinent information when it comes to threads and pictures and not three pages of chatter and lately, this information is getting buried by what is conversations between members about... well, not the topic posted. 

Please keep comments on threads and pictures topical make use of the chat feature for all your day-to-day chit chat and non-lava stuff.  Or, if you like, create an off-topic thread and GO NUTS in there. :)

Thanks. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here or PM me. 

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Thanks for posting this Erin and I fully agree with everything you said.  It was just yesterday that I commented on a thread that my inbox was being flooded and I had to stop following the thread.

The thread where you first voiced your concerns with the excessive chitter chatter was the neat and rare thread.  That thread should be a compilation of awesomeness; a thread where one can view some of the most intriguing eBay auctions we have seen.  The thread loses its appeal when you have to comb through non-relevant comments to actually see what you want to see - neat and rare eBay auctions.

Most of us have been at least a little guilty of this.

Yes, most of us have (myself included). But it's gotten really bad lately. 

I wasn't trying to downplay what you were saying at all! I hope I didn't come across that way. I agree totally.

No worries Loren. I don't want to give the impression that someone can't make an off-topic comment every now and again, but lately, we've had PAGES of banter back and forth and some members are getting tired of weeding through all this to get to actual relevant content. I would never want to discourage people from chatting, but the place for that is chat or PMs or make an off-topic thread.

We dealt with this problem on another forum I belonged to and they created an off-topic thread (that's still going to this day) and they could post all the crap and jokes they wanted to in there without disturbing and mucking up pictures and threads. It worked out great, really.

now that you mention it, i've spent quite a bit less time on this forum for at least the past month because i found it difficult to find information on a topic.

Ditto that. I've unsubscribed to a LOT of posts lately. A. LOT. 

not that i don't appreciate good chat, but let's keep it in the OT section.  i hope what i said didn't come off as rude!  sorry, it's been a long week over here in missoura.

You know this thread reminds me of a story I'd like to tell of way back when I bought my first Lava Lite.  Oh wait. Never mind. 


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