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Hey All,

Been a while since I posted, I am still lurking in the background, life has take some turns so have been quite busy with other things and lava and glitter have been on the back burner.

I still keep an eye out for what looks unusual or rare stuff and stumbled across this which I am trying to secure, waiting for seller to reply.

Any idea on what this could be. Seller says, made in italy. Seems to work in the photo so I assume it regular US plug.

Hope everyone is well and safe.


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Interesting lamp.  Not a common lamp but not ultra rare. Ask the seller if the lamps glitter has retained chromatic coating.  This lamps glitter looks fried but it may just be the angle of the shot.  When the lamp overheats the hot liquid strips the glitter of it's coating especially older lamps.  I notice there is no curling which could be a good sign the glitters fine.  If you run these older lamps too long the heat causes the glitter flakes to curl preventing glitter from giving off sparkle. When this happens the glitter effect is much less sparkly and looks dull.  Every so often  they come up on Ebay under Glitter Lamps.  Colors -Red, White, Brass and gray.  If you get a good price and you like the lamp buy it.  It's a nice addition to any glitter lamp collector.  

Thanks for the info, who made this lamp if you know by chance? What's a fair price to pay for this as the seller is away and will send me photos when he gets back. It's also about an hour and a half to pick it up so I want to make sure I'm not wasting my time and money. Thanks

I'd bet Italian, yes. Uncommon but not rare.

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