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OK just had a discussion with Susan at LL who assured me "  

There were never any Grande’s made with double coils.  I have checked everything, specs, and production no double coils.



Best regards,


Susan Michaels"

Please post photos of your flipped double coil neon grande that is sealed from the factory !!! Or am I just imagining this ?

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See my pics that I just posted.  One pic of each of my V1's each has a double coil.  Both unopened.....they run great.


Same here Jo, the pics on my page of my pink V1 has TWO coils, never-opened factory seal. Susan is straight up lying, or she's getting lied to but they need to get their facts straight because they DID make grandes with two coils, as a matter of fact my P/Y regular grande also has 2 coils and so did two other regular grandes that I had and sold.

Maybe nobody knew they were suposed to have two and they made then with just one and it failed? Who knows but that's a lie because a lot of us here placed orders on day 1 of the heritage line including me and got V1 grandes with two coils.
Okay, Susan is lying because I PERSONALLY emailed her pics of my V1 grande, back in November, when the flecks showed up and I wanted a replacement. She got several pictures, including this one that is attached where you can clearly see two coils in an unopened factory globe.

ok so here is my favor if you have a V1 and can take a short video showing its a sealed globe ( zoom in on the cap edge) and pan down to the underside showing the 'double coil' can you PLEASE send it to me in my email . If your on my friends list i will give it to you there otherwise please friend me . THank you so much .

I really just cannot believe this...

I mean really.

...I don't know what to say...

I understand she is very very very busy and in a very unenviable position ! God know i would NEVER want her job !!! lol I am trying to be very diplomatic about this so if anyone could pretty please find a moment or two to take the video it would be greatly appreciated ! Seeing is believing and a good video cannot be disputed .

But see, here's the thing...

WHY should 7-8 people have to provide video evidence that they actually got a 2-coil grande from the place where they bought it...TO the place where they actually bought it?

Just surreal...

I understand what your saying . No one HAS to provide evidence . I am personally asking for it . No one has to do anything . I am just trying to get the facts straight . I am not bashing LL or Susan in any way . Just the facts jack LOL

Right, what I was saying didn't really have anything to do with that, my point was more that Lavalite obviously didn't know what they were selling. It's amazing to me that they would find out what they're selling from customers, and then argue with them about it. WHY would they lie?

Just amazing.

No idea

This baffles me too. I CANNOT understand how they are so ignorant on their own product. I mean this is crystal clear proof that they have no idea what they're selling. How can she say there isn't such thing as a 2 coil grande??? This also assures that they won't bring the 2 coils back...

I'll take a video when I get home, Jo. I got your email, I'm just not home.

I just want to say that I don't think this is a customer service issue, I think someone somewhere else goofed. I have had issues with lavalite CS, but they have been fixed, and communication within the company is...well, wires get crossed, I guess.

Just like here! :p

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