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So I ordered a grande from lava lite's website yesterday, since i have HORRIBLE luck from Amazon, i thought i would have better luck?...... but then i got shipping info and noticed that apparently they now ship from California? I live in the midwest....... sooooo yeeaaaaahh....... i am 99.9 percent sure it is going to arrive cloudy!!!.....I CAN NOT $%@#ING WIN!!! So just for fun, who here thinks it will arrive cloudy, and who thinks it will arrive crystal clear/ or at least close to clear? 

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Let it sit and put a cycle timer on ti for a few days first

Did you get the spray painted globe? How's the spray job?

Thanks I will try that first claude

No this is the pink, purple color combo

Erin said:

Did you get the spray painted globe? How's the spray job?

Gotcha. I don't think they'll ever get the formula right again. Sorry to hear yours is cloudy.

As Claude suggested, heat cycle the lamp for a couple of days.  If it does not clear up, call Customer Service at (800) 541-2929.  I've worked with their reps and they were very helpful.  Give them a chance to make it right before opening your globe.

I ordered a Grande off Amazon Last month and it arrived crystal clear!  And I absolutely love it.  Have faith friend, you just might be surprised!  Sending nothing but good vibes your way in hopes that your lamp arrives in tip top shape!

Wow, that's a rarity! Glad you got a clear one!

Spencers, in my personal experience was the best for ordering Grandes. Though, I only have one Grande (rest are Giants) - I may have just had beginner's luck the first and only time I ordered a large new lamp online (my 50th Grande). It was ordered in December the year they came out. 

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