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Mathmos sent a link about the new colour available:




Great ...but it seems only available when you buy a new Telstar Rocket


and NOT as a replacement bottle ;o(

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I'm sure within the next few days they'll update the website. SHould be available as astro bottle as well as it already was. I wonder whats so new about it? Maybe a not clouding formula? strange thing is, all the turqoise I've seen so far went cloudy, the one I made from a white and a blue astro didnt...it's a jet though, maybe the slower movement is better, who knows.

I hope they bring it out for the Astro lamps!

Didn't they have this color before?


If only they'd open up their US site.... *sigh*  :(

awww I had hope until I saw its only available when you buy a telstar. I would LOVE a astro bottle of this color.

I have my first Astro bottle, and it is cloudy when cold, but when it gets going its crystal clear. The colour is amazing! I would love to see it back!

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