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On september 22nd theres a new mathmos lamp to be launched.

The picture looks like a saturn style leg....any ideas whats it gonna be?

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A Lunar/IO sized rocket.

Is that a guess or a fact? I think so too though

Educated guess. That globe is definitely an IO/Lunar sized globe. I have that colourway and the flow looks just like the video. The piece of metal shown looks to have a curve to it and the holes are also present in their Saturn which suggests it's a leg. Guess 2 would be a brushed metal finish to the Saturn, but I don't think the logo stamp and curve matches the current leg design.

Sure looking like mini Saturn here that's same leg design as Autumn said and to me look like bigger bottle so same as io lunar

A lunar sized rocket would be nice though somehow I have doubts. 

Where are people actually getting this?

Nothing about it on the Mathmos web-site or any of the social media pages, as far as I can see - nothing in the way of newsletter notification either.

Not the best looking thing in my opinion. 

I was ready to buy but going to skip it. 

Looks like they've heard people saying "Bring back the Lunar". It's basically the same idea.

Yeah I'm disappointed. I was excited for a new rocket, but this  just isn't for me. 

At least its somewhat affordable but not my design either...also ten years too late

Not ‘feeling it’ either tbh.

Not a fan of the 'mecanno' legs, and just looks wrong proportionally - inelegant - like a dumpy sibling to the excessively lanky Saturn. 

Shame they can’t quite seem to nail this stuff, just give us a scaled up Astro and be done…

I think it could have been more refined, not sure why it’s quite so squat (material costs?). However, I think it’s so much more appealing than the iO. Might actually go for one, depending on shipping to the US…

Fingers crossed for new bottle colors this year. That’s what I most want.

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