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Just noticed the website has changed completely, actually preferred the old layout, also noticed Astro bottles are now £35 pod bottles are now £20.

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It doesn’t look like a shop anymore which is odd, no prices or suggestions to buy on the front page. Some people might be mistaken for thinking it’s just a collection of pictures with some history, also looks a bit templated.

The old site had more pop and personality I think. But the new one is cleaner and arguably has a bit more class. 

Interesting spot on the prices too. 

Remember the early Mathmos website with its funky retro theme, original characters (Mathmos Man, etc.) they later had a ‘Mathmos Modern’ sub-section which had a more clean/ streamlined appearance and covered the new generation product lines (Fluidium, bubble, etc.) I’m sure I came across a screen grab of it somewhere recently, can’t seem to find it now, though.

Shame they are a lot more ‘corporate bland’ in their approach these days, the new website seems to continue that theme. 

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