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I'm sure this question has been asked and answered a thousand times here but here goes...my new lava lamp humongo 16.3 inch everytime I turn it on and it warms up there is nothing but a big blob on the bottom...I carefully remove the globe set it down on a flat surface and rotate it a few times and then it works for a while...why is this...

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Hi zeroday might need a warmer bulb you might not be leaving it on long enough or the bulb could be fine but your rooms a bit chilly :-)
Sounds like overheating to me too, im going to guess the bulb is clear ? Try a frosted bulb if it is.

Actually it is a clear bulb I'll google bulbs and see if I can get a frosted one thanks...
Just curious what is the difference between a clear bulb and frosted...
I don't have a pic right now but it is a genuine Lava Lamp I bought new on Amazon.com...
YEP I checked the packaging it is made in China...What I find interesting the lamp is such a simple concept Globe liquid wax...heat it up and the wax expands and floats cools and sinks...never thought it could be that complicated...
Is your lamp rejecting the coil? When it is warm, pick it up and look at the bottom. If the wax is not totally covering the coil then the coil is bad and needs to be replaced. Hapens ALOT on new lamps.
I read somewhere to remove the globe and set on a flat surface and rotate a few times it does work well after I do that...I think the coil maybe is not flat against the bottom...
I think I may be having the same problem. I bought a lamp last friday, and it has yet to work properly. The coil seems to be mostly covered by the goo, but one side is just a little bit uncovered. Most I've been able to get is one huge blob going up a couple of times and then resettling at the bottom.

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