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I re-posted this in the help section in case people didn't see it. Thanks to LUV MY LAMPS for the idea to do this.

I didn't want to spend a ton off money on a filter for lamps I wasnt that happy with so I tried the 14.99 PUR water filter pitcher. It worked out great. Here's how I did it.

I started with my new clear 20 ounce China lamp. The water was milk white before I started and it came out like this.

It only lost a slight amount in the transfer which I added distilled water through the filter to the lamp to top off. Then I did my green lamp. Pretty successful Before and After

Then my red lamp, blue and purple. here's a pic of the blue before and after.

heres some pics showing what i did with the pur filter. When I was done I ran hot water through the filter for a few minutes and the water started coming out clear again so it seems I'm ready to do more if I need to. It did a nice job for 15 bucks. Thank you to the person that posted this idea first!

They didn't turn out too bad for kinda crappy China lamps to begin with. I'm happy with what I learned tonight if I end going back to more high end American made lamps. Thanks for looking!

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Thanks for the info.

If I can't find one on ebay I'll use the weekend brewers site.

Thanks again for the replies!

Thanks for this thread. I just received an old century model off of ebay. It showed to be clear in the photos but is very cloudy in person. How much salt do you add to the distilled water? Mine is half an inch low already.
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the site, but have been reading everything in all of the various group discussions to learn as much as possible.

About the filter...there seems to be 1, 2, and 3 stage filter cartridges available for these pitchers.

How many stages did the cartridge you used have ?

Thanks !
How many stages did your PUR pitcher filter have ?

The PUR pitcher filters come in 1, 2, and 3 stages.

It would be great if a single stage was all it took.
I have one purple hot rock lamp that is supposed to have clear water, but it very cloudy, that I would like to try the filter on. I don't think my Super Wal-Mart carries the PUR filter pitchers, but will check. I agree with you that it is a small investment to make if you can use the same filter over and over for several lamps. Were you able to rinse your filter out well enough to reuse ?
I found one at Wal-Mart tonight for $14.99 and bought one extra 2-stage filter for it. Have you been able to rinse yours out after each use or do you just keep using the filters until the finally stop up ?
I allowed the one cloudy lamp I had to cool down to room temperature so that the wax was was all in one blob at the bottom of the globe.

I then tried to filter the "clear" liquid portion and was able to clear about 1/2 of it before the filter clogged up totally.

I poured the remaining unfiltered portion into another container.

I then tried the replacement filter and it clogged up very quickly as well.

So, I am out the lamp, a $14.99 PUR pitcher and 2-stage filter, as well as a second replacement 2-stage filter (cost about $6.88) for a total of about $21 or so plus tax and my lamp is has about 1/2 of its fluid left.

What a mess !!

Anyway, I thought everyone should know that the PUR filter method will NOT work with every cloudy lamp and is an expensive experiment if things don't work as planned.

Wish it had worked......
Please tell me that you soaked your filter BEFORE using it... also, the wax needs to be cold before attempting, or you'll ruin the filters.

How you tell the diff from Chinese to Non Chinese lamps?  Isn't almost everything made in China, Mexico, Viet Nam, India, etc., etc?

If you get the msr be aware that there is two filters for it. One is a bit finer and takes out some more chemicals then the other which isnt good for the lamp to make sure to get the one with bigger pores.

Kris said:

What pump is suppose to fix these cloudy lamps? Only ones I am aware of require more liquid than the lamps have - in order to operate.

Any info would be good. TY!

Filtering older lamps will remove important chemicals that help with the flow and sticking issues

They had a special mix of PG, SLES SURF, acids etc

You guys do know that Modern China lamps master fluid is simply just DISTILLED WATER and SURF ???? 

(unusually there is an adequate amount of SURF (SLES) needed that is used to just coat the globe prior to adding molten wax.
Makes filtering can be a  waste of resources and time unless you have a specific color tint/dye that you want to maintain.


njjeff201 said:

How you tell the diff from Chinese to Non Chinese lamps?  Isn't almost everything made in China, Mexico, Viet Nam, India, etc., etc?

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