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I re-posted this in the help section in case people didn't see it. Thanks to LUV MY LAMPS for the idea to do this.

I didn't want to spend a ton off money on a filter for lamps I wasnt that happy with so I tried the 14.99 PUR water filter pitcher. It worked out great. Here's how I did it.

I started with my new clear 20 ounce China lamp. The water was milk white before I started and it came out like this.

It only lost a slight amount in the transfer which I added distilled water through the filter to the lamp to top off. Then I did my green lamp. Pretty successful Before and After

Then my red lamp, blue and purple. here's a pic of the blue before and after.

heres some pics showing what i did with the pur filter. When I was done I ran hot water through the filter for a few minutes and the water started coming out clear again so it seems I'm ready to do more if I need to. It did a nice job for 15 bucks. Thank you to the person that posted this idea first!

They didn't turn out too bad for kinda crappy China lamps to begin with. I'm happy with what I learned tonight if I end going back to more high end American made lamps. Thanks for looking!

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Wow! That looks great.

Just a question -- did all of them need to be topped off?
Got me curious if this would fix some of my not so clear midnights. What do you all think? They are clear, but not 100% clear. Plus I have one that the water itself has taken on the color of the wax too.

Might be a good way to fix them up a bit!
Wow thay look great!!!!

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Yes each one needed a little bit of topping off. I should have marked the bottle but I just put a full one next to it to see where the water line should end.

As far as topping off it was maybe two table spoons or a little splash of distilled water poured into PUR filter after all the wax water went through. This actually pushes through the rest of the wax water so your lamp is pretty much all the original solution plus maybe a spoonful of distilled. The action was the same in all my lamps when I turned them back on.

It worked out pretty good. I accidentally poured out too much fluid in my small blue one from the first picture. I added aquarium salt in some of the remaining solution and a little distilled water and the action started right up. I made sure to mix the salt completely with the water solution before I put it in the lamp. It went from a dead blob at the bottom to immediately jumping right back up into action because it was already hot. I'm going to retreat the clear on that one tonight through the PUR cause it got cloudy from my mistakes. I'll post pics of the results later.
"Plus I have one that the water itself has taken on the color of the wax too."

I was hoping my clear / red would reduce the amount of the red in the water with the PUR. It made it clearer for sure but it didn't do much to lighten the color.

It was honestly amazing to see the milk color cloud go in on top and see the crystal clear come out at the bottom so in my opinion it would work great on clear ones.

I was wreckless with using the same filter for all the colors but like I said after I ran water through it for a few minutes after the last blue one I did the water came through clear so hopefully it will come out clear tonight when I re-do the blue one.

I ordered a new Green and Red one in hopes that the water is clear but milkey and I can run it through the PUR to clear it up. My green wax always looked too dim compared to the 32 ounce one I have so I hope the wax in the new one will look better.
I am wondering if you can't clear up the colored water (when its suppose to be clear), that maybe a month or so in the sun might bleach it back clear again?
I'm having a bit of trouble getting my black lamp to clear up. In addition to being milky like your blue, the water also took in a grey hue from being abused. In all honesty, it was going to be thrown out, since it was a store display model, but I rescued it. I'm thinking it might be a lost cause, but this is fun anyways. I've poured it through the filter around four times now and it is showing minimal improvement.

I might try Kris's idea of leaving it in the sun for a while. The lamp was free, so I won't feel too bad if I ruin it, but I'd still like to save it... for fun, you know. :)
I've done it around ten times now, and it is getting better but still isn't perfect. If all else fails I'm going to just replace the liquid, but this is great for mildly cloudy lamps. Thanks for making us all aware of this. :)
I wish this way would help with the color tint but it really does help with the cloudy. my blue clear lamp was terrible couldn't see through it at all then all of a sudden clear. pretty fun. hopefully tonight I'll get it clear again after screwing it up last night.

the pumping unit I was going to buy probably does it as clear as possible but this was a cheap alternative I was willing to try cause... I'm cheap. :p In all honesty though I was ready to go out and get that pump last night before I saw the thread where LUV MY LAMPS mentioned this way. It's definately saves some time in a hobby where I should probably have been more patient. I did 5 lamps last night in about 3 hours. It's also a blast to see it coming out clear at the bottom. You almost can't believe it's working.

I got two of these yesterday one to be used for actual drinking water and I was worried all night that I'd confuse the lava water with actual drinking water cause they were both clear and very inviting. :p I better put a label on it for my fiance. :p
What pump is suppose to fix these cloudy lamps? Only ones I am aware of require more liquid than the lamps have - in order to operate.

Any info would be good. TY!

This is the filter people have been using. Try searching around to find it cheaper.
I want to filter the liquid in my Grande.....question is. How in the world do I seal the globe back up?? It has a big friggin' hole at the top and I know the cap isn't going back on because of the way it's made. What have others used to re-seal their Grandes?


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