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Hi guys,

i picked this rotating fibre optic lamp/flower up yesterday, it has been in someone’s loft for years.

i have no idea what model it is.

the only thing I would say is that the fibre optics look similar quality to a Crestworth snowflake.

has anyone else got any thoughts on what it could be?

Best regards


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I purchased one of these lamps on Ebay several years ago.

Unfortunately it did not survive as it was destroyed during shipping.

I believe it is a German made lamp.

It looks really cool but I did not like how the entire thing is made of lightweight - fragile plastic ( even the chrome looking parts and internal gears are plastic ) and the revolving spray does not get very bright.

Your lamp appears to be in very good condition , must not have been used much!

Went trough CrestworthLimited's pictures and didn't find anything like it so im guessing its not made by Crestworth. Not really sure tho. I think i saw something like this on Ebay-germany a few years ago. The fibre optic flowers allso look different than crestworth flowerlites.

Only some vague info but i hope it helps.


Here is a similar one but it looks really hideous

I like the lamp'

it's certainly unique 

That other lamp does look hideous - lol - it would look better with a nicer spray!

Those German fiber optic lamps would be MUCH nicer if they were made of metal and not plastic that breaks easily.

Yeah, I had one of those sprays, 

They b fugley

I gave the lamp away!

Must be my taste, I think it looks very unique 

This is a GERMAN fiber optic lamp.  It's made of plastic and coated with a chrome paint so it's not real heavy.  It's a very tall lamp. The lamp could use a new spray.  I've always thought of it as the GERMANS version of the USA Rain Lamp.  Every so often you find one pop up on Ebay. 

Ok thanks lamp care taker - Do you know what they usually sell for? I’m probably going to stick this one on.

Iv put it up on Ebay if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143359863031 

I saw this lamp on ebay. Looked very interesting. It sold in auction for £83.99 then was relisted for £150 'buy it now' right? Is it still available?

Alexander David Lyon said:

Iv put it up on Ebay if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143359863031 

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