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I have a question if you have a Telstar...How do you keep the legs on ? I understand some of the early versions had a screw in each leg, but the 3 I have are just slip on versions. None of them have been abused and look in good overall condition. Is there a trick to keeping the legs on ? One that I have im afraid to put a bottle on it because the legs fall off so easy with just a touch. It seems like they should snap into place but they wont.


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the legs of my telstar do snap in a little bit. if there's a bottle on the base everything is safe and it's no problem to touch the lamp etc without the legs falling of but i can't move the lampe without loosing the legs. on my lamp it seems so that every leg is built for it's own openings in the base. try to swap the legs and test the stability again.
I have tryed fitting each leg into the same slot with no changes as 2bp mentioned. Astro, its interesting to know Mathmos now glues them in place because as Bohdan said mine just fall apart when you look at them funny. Im sure the weight of the bottle makes it somewhat more stable but im just afraid to leave them up on a shelf. I will try the silicone as that sounds like a good idea, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something when I put them together.

Does anybody have any tips on keeping them shiney ? Astro mentioned lacquer ( spray can ?) I polished one on a buffing wheel about 6 months ago and it looks tarnished already. I was thinking of getting one chromed but the shop closed up last month.

i always use www.nevrdull.com to polish the legs of my telstar. it works really good.
I will have to look at the lacquer at the auto parts store next time, I will try it. I have also thought of painting one of them too.


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