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Hi everybody!

Haven't been on here in awhile, since I've been pretty content with how my lamps have been running and haven't kitted anything in a long time.

But the opportunity arose recently. A friend of mine bought a Grande from LavaLite and it flaked out on him within about 2 months. I ended up kitting it for him last week. Everything went really well--we did red dye on the goo and yellow liquid. It looks and runs nicer than the original stuff ever did.

The sheer size of that lamp made me want to buy a Grande--I loved it! I noticed that the bottle on my friend's lamp was almost completely free of bubbles in the glass. Is this a common feature of modern Grandes, or did he just get lucky? All the newer LavaLites I've seen have had bubbles in the glass.

I also wanted to know if Grandes have the same failure rate as the smaller lamps or if they're higher/lower. Anyone have any input on any of this? I officially have Grande lust.

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I love my 4 grandes!  I have found that the globes for grandes are significantly better than their smaller brethren. I'm about 50% good clean globes on with grande, and I'm not sure I've ever gotten a "good" globe on smaller new lamps.

As for the lava, I've only had 1 of the 7 new grande's I've run that was good.  (yellow/purple)  The others, I have kitted. 

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