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Rare variation of Consort, Chrome & Pewter (See Pics)

I have had this for about 10 years, and have never seen another one. I don't believe they were ever in catalogs. Could this be a prototype from the first few years? The cord is white and end plug is the same as my black and white squiggles. There is a small area around the lip opening where the chrome plating has chipped away revealing the typical brushed brass underneath. The base is like a cast aluminum with a patina.

Lava is Yellow / Liquid is light yellow

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Take a look at this thread. Looks like fog rider posted a picture of a similar lamp and Jonas Clark-Elliott said it is listed in an old catalog as a Nordic lamp,

fog rider also wrote an artice about Consort lamps that shows a picture of the same type of lamp. It can be found here. Click on the Consort.doc link to download.
Looks like a fairly uncommon lamp. Where did you find it or how did you come into posession of it?
I actually got this on E-bay around 2000. If I am not mistaken I paid less than a few bucks for it. When I got it then, I knew it was pretty odd and rare. I have heard of the Nordic, but didn't know this was one.
Thanks Manix5 for the info!
EVERYTHING is original on this, no refills, no switches on anything! There is a small reflector in there, and I tend to take it out so it continues the "serpentine" effects. Otherwise it overheats, even on a 15 watt bulb!
I saw, once, a wholesale catalog that listed this as a "Nordic", but I have no idea why I don't seem to have that picture now. This Wishbook is the only other catalog reference I've ever seen. I'm eagerly awaiting finding Lava Lite company catalogs from the 1970s, I know none to exist from the period of 1970-75.

Note that the Aristocrat shown appears to be (maybe? Am I just imagining this?) the known variant with the tall, narrow upper cone on the base.
Isn't the Nordic a Crestworth lamp? (Found a pic here http://www.imovatedesign.co.uk/astro/orangina.jpg)

What's strange is that the lamps themselves look extremely similar. But in my time following Mathmos, I've never seen a bottom like that, plus its cap doesn't match the Crestworth Nordic. I'm also a bit skeptical that Lava and Crestworth would use the same name (which very seldom happens)...

The base does look awesome in a Lava Lites kind of way, and if it is theirs would make its overall look as unique as anything. I really wish we had better context, explanation or ad stuff to explain this. I just wonder if it has a label and what Google might say about that...

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