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I finally bit the bullet and decided to clean my old lava lamp. It was getting very cloudy after 30 years.

I emptied it, rinsed the inside 3 times, then filled with distilled water.

I then added two drops of dawn dish liquid soap.

Turned on and wax looked completely melted by two hours. I could bump it, and see waves ripple across it. I then got about a cup of water, warmed it, and added a bunch of epsom salt until it leaves little granules still on the bottom that wont mix up.

I took a straw, dipped it into the water, and let 2 drops run down the inside into the distilled water.

Waited a few hours and then added 2 more drops. Lava still sitting.

So, do I need to add more epsom salt water or more soap?

Thanks, I'm still searching database and internet.

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In that case it needs more salt. More soap will make  more and smaller blobs. Have patience!

Awesome! Thanks!

I read in one place someone said too much salt would dissolve the wax, and I really want to take care of this thing.

Slow and easy wins the race. Got it. I will add a couple more drops each night and let it run overnight.

Thanks again.

Too much salt will make the wax rise to the top and never come back down. From my experience, it takes a lot of salt solution to get these old lamps to flow properly. I think it took about a cup for me. 

A cup? Wow. Ok, I might need to step it up a bit then.


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