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Can we please start this thread? I would really like input from those of you who have done this. I am getting an ASTRO shipped from Mathmos and will be using a transformer for now. It has a UK 40 W SES Golf Ball bulb 240V. Will this be ok or will it blow up? What do I replace it with when it wears out? If I rewire can I use US bulbs? Thanks everyone.

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If you use a 120v to 240 v converter, you should be ok.
If you want to re-wire, use the appropriste socket (same bulb size and wattage as the UK bulb). The re-wiring operation is quite straight forward.
I would keep it original myself.
so as long as I am using the converter I have to be using UK bulbs?
wow you guys are WAY more electronically minded than I am. I think I would have to pay someone to rewire if I did do it. For now I do need to know if I keep this the way it is and just use the converter, then do I have to replace the bulb with one from the UK when the original burns out? Not sure I can find UK bulbs here in NYC but you never know.
The voltage here in North America is 120V (approximately, you see 115V listed frequently). In the UK it is 240V. If you use a 240V bulb but only give it 120V it won't damage the bulb, but it will be dim. It should actually last a lot longer since you're not giving it full voltage. You're not going to generate the required heat for your lava lamp, however.

If you use a 120V bulb and give it 240V, then it will blow instantly. The bulb isn't going to explode, but it will give a very brief bright "flash" as the tungsten filament burns up.

The transformer simply "steps up" the voltage coming in - 120V and supplies 240V. In this case you would always have to use a 240V bulb. And don't plug anything else into the transformer as you will be providing double the voltage and blow anything that is plugged in.
120 volt European based bulbs can be found on e-bay. I ordered a bunch from the UK last year. They fit in the European socket, and can be plugged into North American 120 volt sockets.
Just be sure to tag the lamp, so you know it has a 120 volt bulb in it.
OK I am very confused here. Why would I need a 120 V European bulb? If I rewire the lamp then can't I just use am American 120 V bulb? The Astro Lamp just got here and I am about to bring it in to a light store to rewire it. I hope I don't mess things up for Christmas day.
why do you need a shorter bulb to keep from overheating? This is very complicated. I think when you rewire it is more than just changing over to 120 V. You have to adjust the kind of bulb you use? I am not sure I can trust a guy at a regular lamp store to know how to do this on Lava Lamps. Well, wish me luck.
I see. Well I chickened out on the rewiring until I have more info to give the guy. It is still confusing to me. I am just not sure the lava will flow as well as it is supposed to with the 120 V current but maybe it does. I don't particularly like the looks of the Transformer box I got from this place you suggested - www.voltage-converter-transformers.com. She told me I should get one that was a VT 1P 300 to be safe. I am really cautious about electro magnetic fields in bedrooms and there is lots coming out of this monster. I think it is overkill. They said they suggest 3 times the wattage and the wattage for the Astro lamp is 40 W. They said that with 100 (which you have) you might eventually burn out some wires. Have you used the lamp with that transformer a lot? Never had problems?

Important question - does the lava flow as well on your Astro's with the transformer as the ones that you have rewired?

Sorry all the questions but there are just lots of details.

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