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I recently made a salt/perc lamp and after a few runs I noticed that small blobs started sticking on the glass.  Can this be corrected with more surfactant or will the globe have to be redone?  It's a 52 oz. and I used about 3-4 drops of Ultra Palmolive Pure + Clear detergent as a surfactant.  I'm wondering why the blobs didn't start sticking on the first run?

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I've heard of folks using regular Dawn detergent. Good enough or do you have a better alternative to that?

Would you still only use 2-3% mineral oil if the water was doped with a glycol instead of salt?

Just so you have a better picture of the contents, I used 1/3 perc and 2/3 candle wax per the simplified retro formula.

Thanks for checking in!
I'll put all that in my bag of tricks and see what comes up. Thanks!

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