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Hey everyone.
Decided to sell my Crestworth lamp.

Please leave offers below.
UK Postage only.

(Middle Lamp)

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How much do you seriously want for the lamp? dont know how much to offer but i would like if you still have it. cheers = - )

Still have it and open to offers at the moment.

Thanks :)
But how much should i be you? £50
Any more news on this? Has anyon given you any more offers or do you just want to name your price?
See this thread Colin - http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/value-of-this-lamp - should give you an idea of what he wants. He paid 2 for it and will probably want 100 +
Sorry been uber busy and forgot to check this thread, Been having a stress over breaking my new work phone lol.

Looking for around £80.00 since Bohdan paid £150.00

Thanks :)
What phone?
Ah it's just a Sony Ercisson P990i that I used for work, I am gonna get a Nokia 6630 for work tho.
Shop near me sells em cheap.

My main phone is a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music in Mermaid Blue.

Why you ask?
Was just curious. Not a fan of the SE fones. Nokia is ok, but here in the states they are making crap phones since 2000. Seems they are stuck in a crap rut here.

I love my iPhone :)
I had one of the iPhones but hated it, Got rid of it for the Nokia 5800!
Best move I ever made!
OK I'll offer you £80.00 Please email me direct.

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