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Moving and I need to sell my lamps.  I dont have any of the boxes or anything so it would be a huge headache to bring this with me.  I live in Toronto, so this would be a local pickup only sale.  I think most of the members here are from the US, but if you live in a state thats close and are a lava lover then it might be worth the trip to get these highly coveted and collectible lamps that are no longer being made at the moment.  

Asking $1000.00 each

I have pics in my profile I think.

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Choda boy, 

I live in upstate New York.  I'm on the opposite side of Lake Ontario than you.  It's about 3.5 hours away and if you haven't already sold them I would consider it.  I just sent you a friend request.  

friend request accepted. pm sent!
Red looks good. How about a video of the blue/yellow?

I will work on that one next!

id like to buy one of these..can you contact me?


George S.

For me the price wasn't the issue...getting the lamp was.  Its about 8 hrs away from me plus I don't  have a passport either.  And shipping was insane...they wanted over $600.

Hey Ryan, thank you for the interest in the lamps!  They are both still available as I havent had any serious inquiries yet, so if you want to private message me and talk more, we could definitely arrange something.

Hi do you still have the colossus 4 sale?

The lamps are currently spoken for, and will be sold this Saturday.  Sorry guys!

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