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Selling the best of my Plasma Lamp Collection, very rare finds here. UPDATED LINKS

Hi, due to medical issues cropping up I'm selling off the best of my collection of plasma lamps, many of these are practically impossible to find anymore, even on ebay, some dating back all the way back to 1987, so I'll list them off with photos and descriptions, please only contact me if you're serious about a lamp.

This is my blue beer bottle plasma, it has a xenon gas mix with blue phosphors and stands about a foot high. It's $25 plus shipping and packing.https://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/beer-bottle-plasma?context=user

These are my brand new color changing plasma 8 inch diameter globes from Spencer's they had a very limited run before selling out, they have regular on and very responsive sound activation. I only removed them from the box to make sure they all worked. I have 4, they are $35 a piece plus shipping and packing.




This is a very rare find, it's a green streamer Spencers Neutron Plasma globe, almost all standard plasma globes come with a gas mixture that gives blue streamers with pink pads, either the glass blower made a mistake and added a extra gas, or did it intentionally just to mix things up, it's much more green in person, green streamer globes are usually only found in custom museum quality globes, the globe itself is 4 inches in diameter. It has on, very slow strobe, and sound activated modes. It is $70 plus shipping and packing.




If you want go big, this is the lamp for you, a Vintage The Megavolt by Spencers Gifts, this is the Neutron's very big brother, the globe is 1 foot in diameter, so make sure you have plenty of shelf or table space. Like it's little brother it has on, slow strobe and sound activated functions. This lamp is $199 plus shipping and packing.

Here are pics:http://i.imgur.com/Sbmse2n.jpg



And here is a video of the megavolt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIZ02bQox84

The next three in line are all from a somewhat obscure lamp company from the 80s called With Design in mind, each of these lamps were made in 1987, the first on the list is the most rare of their lamps.

Next is the more often seen Plasma F/X, this unit is a 7 inch sphere with deep purple and red streamers with a highly polished acrylic base and removeable acrylic lid for 360 degree viewing, the lid is so higly polished it reflects the globe like a mirror, this unit is in like new condition aside from the label on the power brick having fallen off due to age. It has intensity and sound responsive controls it is $80 plus shipping and materials. Pics here:




The last plasma globe from With Design in Mind doesn't have a name as far as I can tell, it's a 9 inch diameter plasma sphere on polished black acrylic stepped base, it has intensity and sound responsive controls, this lamp is a bit unique cause you can adjust the intensity to max and then dial it back a bit to where the plasma streamers very gently and lazy cascade down the sphere making for a relaxing view. There is a couple of small scratches on the glass globe itself, but they are unnoticeable and normal viewing distance. This Globe is $70 plus shipping and packing Pics here.



I hoped to be able to keep these, but hey, bills don't wait, so I hope these will find very good homes, please contact me if you are seriously interested in any of these. Thanks.

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There seems to be a problem with the larger links, if you are having issues post here, i will have to try to fix things, I posted direct links cause the webpage would squish the pictures if I did it normally

Just updated the links, they should all be working and easily clickable now.

Hope everyone had a good holiday, just wanted to let everyone know these lamps are still for sale.

I bought the plasma head

Rayos packed it to withstand a nuclear attack!

it is the centerpiece of the plasma table

definitely a cool addition

will post photos in the future

I would dearly love a Phenomenon 30 inch lamp but are a little pricey for my current budget.  

I wanted to let everyone know I still have several plasma lamps for sale, I updated the list, if you are interested in other plasma lamps I don't have here send me a line, I might have forgetton some I have stored away.

These lamps are still for sale if anyone is interested.

did you sell the tall one we discussed?

Nope, that is still in reserve for you.

Claude J said:

did you sell the tall one we discussed?

A bit late to the party, but i'd be keen to get a few of them, only problem would be postage prices.
do you have a rough estimate to for the beer bottle, and 1 of the the colour changing ones to Australia??



RayosBeam said:

These lamps are still for sale if anyone is interested.

Rayos Beam,
Please drop me a line when you get a chance.
George S.

Updated the listing, Lamps are still for sale, dropped the Megavolt to $199 plus shipping.

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