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Ok, I hope that this uploads correctly. Anyhow, this should make the 52oz. $15 before tax. Anyone can use it....just print and go.

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Another resealing option: I found that the plastic cap that comes with Martinelli's sparkling cider fits 32 oz globes perfectly.

I don't have any 52 oz globes so I don't know if it has the same size opening or not.
I just recieved a coupon for 20% off @ spencers I can forward it to you guys and maybe you can post it on here. email me matt01165@yahoo.com
Hello, everyone thanx for the offers to help but this stubborn email would not let me do anything. I couldn't even get a copy of it to print for myself! Finally I took a photo of off my lcd and here it is......http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb128/matt01165/spencers2005.jpg
Right now you must hurry because Spencer's is discontinuing the lava lamps with the white and the blue base and caps. right now they are 9.98 until they are gone so head on out with this coupon ....7.98!!!! YA!
Matt- Your effort is greatly appreciated. However, I don't think they will accept a print out of your image. If you can forward the email to one of us here we can get posted here for you.

Your Spencers still has the white/blue base/caps ? All 5 of mine have been sold out for over a year now.
You simply clip out the brick portion of the coupon so that it looks like the other coupons cut off the white section.
chec out my new inventory
can you see the ones that were 7.98? the guy at my Spencer's is very savy he can get stuff from other stores. I prepaid for 2 more of the white bases. The blue ones are gone.
You can get those at a spencers? i've only seen regular ones along with their green and thats it.
I got very lucky this past Friday and got the very last of the blue cap and base (with a clear/yellow globe) from Spencer's...only paid $9.98 for it. So the sale on the blue and white caps/bases is certainly still going on. I may be tempted to go back sometime this week and see if they have any of the white ones left.

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