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This lamp above was one of my first attempts for the metallic sharpie technique. Been almost a year since this was made and what I've noticed with the metallic wax technique is that it's not permanent. The base of the metallic ink seems to eventually separate a little and stay at the bottom. Now it's being run for 9 months at 8 hours a day 5 days a week may have a effect on the separation or it may not. So I decided to dye the wax red and in the pics below you can clearly see the separation but whats really cool, in a way, that it has a swirling of metallic ink! Reminds me of old school bowling balls lol. Even once in a while a bubble of nothing but ink will burst in the wax and it looks like a firework, its really bizarre but really cool as well.

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That does look pretty good ;)  A video would be interesting, (hint, hint)

Ill try to take one tomorrow but work is so crazy right now that it may be a few days.

WOW...unintentional, but really freaking cool...

i tried to make a metallic with a 52oz gookit lamp i made and dyed blue. i added 2 sharpies worth of ink and it looked really cool but the wax stuck all around the bottom of the globe and it didnt before i added the ink...did i miss something? 

Yes you needed to add at least 8 -10 markers for a 52 oz. for it to even have a effect.

Watch about 1:33 to the right of the blob you'll see one of those silver firework style bursts, sometimes they are bigger then that.

Very nice, love the flow ;)

40watt on a dimmer. Dimmers do wonders for gookit wax.

I'm not brave enough to attempt the sharpie/goo kit recipe. Especially if it's eventually gonna separate.So I purchased a couple metallic 20 oz lamps and going to transfer into a 32 oz. Lava Lamp globe. Ever since I saw your silver I've wanted one. The red is still very cool.

 It looks bad ass and flows great.

Hey Loren was it you that tried mica powder? did it ever work? what kind did you use?

When the wax was solid it looked PERFECT, and I was so excited...but when the wax melted, the mica sank to the bottom of the bottle...just like what you're describing with the metallic sharpie ink. I had hoped that the convection currents in the wax would keep the mica in suspension, but they didn't. What's worse though, is that when piles of mica powder accumulated on the bottom, it choked the flow of the lamp. :(

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Hey Loren was it you that tried mica powder? did it ever work? what kind did you use?

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