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I won this lamp on eBay


Get it today and the base is all dented and pushed in and the bottle cap is cracked, luckily nothing leaked. This is why I fuckin hate buying off of ebay especially 52oz black screw caps.

I specifically told the seller how to ship it but no. I'm DONE NOW. This is was it.

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95% of ALL damaged packages are the result of the SELLER/SENDER not properly packaging the item. Period. It's as simple as that. IF the seller package the item like he said he did, this would more than likely not be a problem. The item would have arrived without incident. However, going by the base and the cap alone, the seller did a crap job packing it. Period.

Him telling you it's not his problem is wrong. As a seller, I STRIVE to keep my customers happy (when I am selling). I make it a point to go above and beyond helping them. I also have my limits. Poor packing = the SELLER/SENDERS problem. It's as simple as that. You talk to Paypal and get a refund. Then you leave a neg for the seller stating poor packaging. You DO NOT use the feedback system to have the last word or be rude. You simply state the issue to the best of your ability.

Also, not to be rude or come across that way - but you might want to relax a little bit. Yes this is frustrating and it would piss me off too. I have little patients for stupidity. However, if paypal sees you acting like you are by your response, it does not help your situation. State the issue at hand, be calm, assertive and nice about it.

Most educated people will see that the item was poorly packed from the start. A dent or something small might have happened from the post office if it was packed right and it did get abused. However it was severely damaged in transit. Again, because of poor packaging.
YEa I can be a hothead at times without realizing it. I know the nicer you are the more you'll get. But it is hard because this has happened numerous times. I was nice when I emailed them so hopefully they'll come through.
Just be patient :)
Well i emailed the seller and I'm trying so hard to resolve things with him. I said I understand that mistakes do happen and how I feel he does need to compensate me for my loss so I said just refund the lamp not the shipping charges.
He might do that, if he is a decent seller. If he refuses, he is an @ss and you need to keep it with paypal for a full refund. Before you get the refund from Paypal, you are going to have to ship the lamp back by a trackable method. So be prepared.
BUY INSURANCE. You are at fault here Matt. You can always add insurance to the invoice and advise the seller you have paid for insurance and to add it when shipping. If you buy insurance and the seller doesn't add it THEN you have legs with a paypal complaint.

If you don't insure a breakable item then you have accepted the risk of breakage in transit regardless of how it has been packed.

You're gonna have to eat this one and to be honest you should. You didn't insure a breakable item. The seller is completely in the clear.

You screwed up by not buying insurance and are attempting to make the seller pay for your mistake..

Yes I should of but he was WRONG to do a shitty job packing it. It wasn't listed so that's why I instructed the seller to pack extra careful. It's these damn eBay sellers they don't give a f**K all they want is their money.
No offense but I don't agree with this all the way. Yes, you should buy insurance for things like lava lamps. They are a risk to ship. However, the seller should have packaged the item correctly to begin with.

The buyer should not have to jump through hoops to file a claim all because the seller was too lazy/cheap to do things right. That is not fair.

Are both parties responsible? Yes. Who is more at fault? The seller.

A good learning lesson? YUP!
Oh, so you were the one that bought it....I asked the seller about buying both of them (he had two...other one was red) anyhow he told me that he dropped them.....before shipping. So....now you know that your lamp wasn't mis-handled by the post office, it was damaged before it was packed. At least that is what I was told when I was going to work out a deal with the seller to buy them both.
Not trying to start some crap....just wanted you to know.
Thats priceless. I would send a copy of those messages over to matt and let him show the seller. Bet he takes a step back and goes AW SHIT! Lol.
IF you have those messages that would be great. I really wanna nail this guy now.

He writes back:

Look tell you what i'll do for you.
If you drop the claim with paypal I'll go to the post office and see what they will do.
If they won't work with me you just send me back the lamp and when I receive it I'll refund you half of the money $30.
Will that work?

What do I do???
You get those messages from Bert and be kind enough to explain to the seller what you just learned. Tell him to refund the cost of the lamp minus shipping and you go away. If he refuses, you let it go with paypal.

Either way, your going to get some money back. That prick probably made 8 bux off the shipping alone. Does not cost 20 to ship a lamp - WITHOUT INSURANCE - might I remind you.

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