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Trying to crack the original formula- why was kerosene used?

In my quest to figure out exactly what the original formula is, one thing I haven't figured out is why they used Kerosene in the mixture.  It seems like it was a very small part of the mixture, something like 7% by volume.

But what was the point?  Did it act as a preservative, or enhance the flow, or help to bind everything together?


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Autumn- that wax has the *exact* look I'm going for.  What white dye did you get??

You may be pouring the wax in while it is too hot. I do my pour at 130F. If you pour it while it is much hotter it has a much higher tendency to stick. I also pour some of my master fluid in the lamp before the pour and shake it up and hold it upside down to drain out the excess. So far I've had 100% success with wax not sticking.

Marco Pulone said:

I just started attempts to make my own lava lamp today. definitely a project best done outside or in a suitable fume hood. when heated the PERC fumes a ton, and it can get a bit messy too. 

first attempt stuck to the glass a ton, but I think i just didn't have as much SURF as i needed.


For everyone else I have put every ingredient used in my research document so you can easily jump in and start experimenting as well.

Ant Bee said:

Autumn- that wax has the *exact* look I'm going for.  What white dye did you get??

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