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WANT TO BUY: midnights, elec-tricks, centuries, GIANT...?

Hi all!

I have been a member here for a long time, but I very seldom had the money to truly pursue my lava goals. Well, lately I have found myself in a much better position to try and find some lava to fill out my collection a bit more. :)

I look on ebay all the time, but all I see are the same crappy globes for outrageous prices.

I'm not looking to get something for nothing, but I don't want to pay those prices, either. I think what I'm saying is, I would like to buy some 32oz USA globes/bases in the $30-$40 range for 32 oz midnights and elec-tricks, and $40-$60 range for centuries...

...and $300-$400 for a giant.

ANY giant.

Can anybody help me out, please?

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I think you would really like a new 50th Anniversary Grande lamp  - 


It's not a Giant, but it's the same size and it flows like one.

The quality of this lamp far exceeds any Grande that I have ever seen.


I had such trouble with my heritage grandes, I swore them off, but... That looks beautiful.

I wonder if there is an online code to reduce the price a little bit...

Also, is that a purple/yellow, or purple/orange? And I wonder why they are using an aristocrat demo image?

Cheap bastards... LOL!

Better get them while their available

LL is not making any 50ths any longer and is out of stock

The Heritage had issues with heat transfer due to the holes in base loosing heat and no heat shield to direct the radiant heat form the bulb.

The new Grandes do not have that problem (Cannot vouch for neon's)

I have three now and they flow fantastic (unless the ceiling fan is on or window above is open cooling them down)

I leave them on 24/7

Yeah they got the image wrong but Spencers was able to send me a clear great flowing purple/yellow 50th Grande while LL was sold out of them.

I normally do not like Grandes but I do like this lamp a lot and I am glad I took the chance and ordered one.

I can also vouch for the 50th Grande from Spencer's.
I ordered and mine was delivered within 3 days. The flow is incredible
and I was able to save 20% by using a Retailmenot coupon.

I have 2 of the 50th grandes and love the flow both were bought directly from LL last month. However, one flows much better than the other but both flow much better than my other grandes. I also bought at the same time a pink heritage grande that flips it coil all the time and refuses to flow right at all, it looks like a bunch of water infused salmon eggs and shoots pea sized lava.. if your lucky. I would definitely avoid at least the pink ones even the wax looks wrong it looks kinda of rubbery. Still waiting on lava to attempt to send a replacement , I'm thinking of having them send me a rainbow one in its place. I will defiantly be glittering this super defective grande.

The heritage has holes in the base for lighting effect

THAT is the issue.

It loses heat

Not that you should have to, But due to lack of engineering, but get some heavy alum foil and create a cone around the bulb directing the heat upwards and not out the holes

My pink and green heritage Grandes started flowing faster/better when I replaced their black bases with regular silver ones.

In my pink heritage its a problem with the wax and possibly the coil. I have switched the neon pink globe to my other grande bases(50th anniversary and my 2003 grande bases no holes and the pink refuses to flow on them as well. however all my other grandes will flow correctly on the heritage base. Interestingly  though the pink flipped the coil, while not uncommon in the lamps when this one flipped we noticed black flakes in the wax it did this on the first run straight out of the box at the 5 1/2 hour mark. Somethings a miss on this one for sure.

sounds like you need a new globe from LL

Yeah, the heritage grandes had multiple problems, but the vent hole idea totally makes sense. None of the ones I had flowed any better on a base without them, though, and I'm not the only one.

I did order a 50th grande. Hopefully it won't be like before, where I came in late to the heritage grandes, saw the glowing reviews, and got 2nd or 3rd run lamps that never flowed like the first runs did, because the first runs had a "factory defect".

Yeah...don't want to go there. LOL! Hopefully my 50th grande will be every bit as nice as the ones I'm seeing and hearing about. :)

Wonders if the 50th lamps are still available... hmmmm. My heritages seem to flow fine for me but have both grouped on a table with 2 other grandes so I'm guessing the heat generated from all 4 keep them warm enough to flow properly. The aluminum foil thing I might add just to get them going a bit sooner. I love those lamps. The flow is good and amazed sometimes to see them both  with exact same goo formations no matter how crazy it gets. (I'm easily amused) xD

Oh and a good way to get the coil to behave is use a magnet. Ive had a few lamps flip theirs and the magnet rights that prob easily.

@Loren I have a lot of 32s I may be interested in selling.. I plan to rearrange my 200+ lamps after the holidays and prefer the larger lamps nowadays.  Are you looking for particular color globes?

Merry Christmas everyone ♥

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