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WANT TO BUY: midnights, elec-tricks, centuries, GIANT...?

Hi all!

I have been a member here for a long time, but I very seldom had the money to truly pursue my lava goals. Well, lately I have found myself in a much better position to try and find some lava to fill out my collection a bit more. :)

I look on ebay all the time, but all I see are the same crappy globes for outrageous prices.

I'm not looking to get something for nothing, but I don't want to pay those prices, either. I think what I'm saying is, I would like to buy some 32oz USA globes/bases in the $30-$40 range for 32 oz midnights and elec-tricks, and $40-$60 range for centuries...

...and $300-$400 for a giant.

ANY giant.

Can anybody help me out, please?

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Loren, I have a few US 32oz. globes around. Got bases, too, but many have a stuck bulb. Drop me a note and I'll let you know what I have. Also still have an empty silver Grande.

I have a midnight teal glitter, a midnight pink/pink and a midnight clear/cranberry for sale.  The last two have boxes too.  I have a brand new lava phone too if you'd have any interest there.


Hey! Sorry about the late response!

I am interested in centuries more than anything, but am also interested in 32's, especially cranberry, clear/yellow, teal, blue/red, blue/green, blue/purple, red/white, green/white, purple/white...and clear/orange, even though I have that one already. I do not have many rarer globes, but I do have a lime/yellow, a lime/clear, and a pink/pink. If you have any rarer ones I would pay more for those, but I can't go insane. :-p

Deb said:

Wonders if the 50th lamps are still available... hmmmm. My heritages seem to flow fine for me but have both grouped on a table with 2 other grandes so I'm guessing the heat generated from all 4 keep them warm enough to flow properly. The aluminum foil thing I might add just to get them going a bit sooner. I love those lamps. The flow is good and amazed sometimes to see them both  with exact same goo formations no matter how crazy it gets. (I'm easily amused) xD

Oh and a good way to get the coil to behave is use a magnet. Ive had a few lamps flip theirs and the magnet rights that prob easily.

@Loren I have a lot of 32s I may be interested in selling.. I plan to rearrange my 200+ lamps after the holidays and prefer the larger lamps nowadays.  Are you looking for particular color globes?

Merry Christmas everyone ♥

Wow, I didn't see all of these other responses until just now!

I didn't even realize there was another page.

I will get with everybody that responded in PM's, I promise. :)

Thank you!

Oh, and I got a 50th grande! I love it a lot. Two coils! That's one factory defect I was happy to see. :) That is the very last time I bring that up, but it bore repeating one last time. (I laughed so hard).

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