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WANTED - Fantasia Fiber Optic Lamps - Lamps, Sprays, Parts and Literature - WANTED

I am looking to purchase any and all Fantasia items. List includes lamps in respectable condition, with or without sprays. Heat sprays, new or used. Parts you may have from a lamp. Literature, mailings, ads, color brochures, etc. Glitter lamps, glitter graphics as well. Anything you have that is Fantasia related I would be interested in.

Now, I will pay most reasonable offers. However, if you are wanting tip top dollar - I am not for you. Best bet is eBay. UNLESS it's a really rare lamp. Then we will discuss.

I will also be trading my lava collection for Fantasia related items. As much as I love lava, I want to thin it out. I would rather someone enjoy them instead of sitting in storage, in a box. What kind of life is that for a lava?

So, if you have or see (pick it up) a Fantasia, let me know. I am interested! Message me.

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Bringing this back up :)
Found a model 4000 large sunburst Fantasia lamp in the attic. Did some research, seems pretty valuable. Interested?

Michon, Kris collected Fantasia for many years, but finally sold his collection.

Jonas is correct.  It was a good time but in the end, became too much and I just wanted to move on.  Even tried having the sprays made again by a company that was involved way back when, they could not replicate it.  I still have a few lamps left but will probably be getting rid of those and my lava lamps.  Save for one or two.

Collecting anything else these days, Kris? Thank you again for the owl & firework! The firework needed a new motor, and finding/installing one was really tricky, but they look great and everyone comments on them!


Not a problem and I am happy they went to a good home!  No new collections to date.  I think that phase may be over for me.  I just got tired of all the "stuff" I had and wanted to get rid of it.  I still need to get rid of my lavas and a few of the fibers I have left.  Can't believe I had so much at one point and the amount of energy I put into it blows my mind.  Lol

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