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hi all

i got my earthly belongings all the way from england to australia in a container, in one piece, including my green, and my opal fluidium mathmos lamps...

however, my mother, who was here to help us unpack, appears to have gotten over enthusiastic with the unpacking of the lava lamps, and threw away all of the packing paper surrounding them, including the white plastic top that sits on top of the opal fluidium bottle!
it had to be the opal one that got lost- ofcourse, rather than the easily replacable green top, but i wasn't going to make a fuss...my mum and i have history regarding these fluidium lamps, that goes back many years, from when she shook up my heated greem fluidium bottle when it was a week old "to see what happened". i hit the roof, and mum learnt her lesson, but i hope i have matured enough to not let a lava lamp part damage our relationship again...but it just had to be the bloody opal top she threw out for ***** sake!

anyway, if anyone has a redundant opal fluidium that they could sell me the top from, i would appreciate hearing form you!
my lamp is rather usless without it, as it looks like a girl with no hair, so i would like to find it another wig!

please reply here, if you have wind of where i could find one!


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what would you think was fair?

i would need to get it posted to australia too, but its light ,so should cost too much!
would you accept 10 pounds plus postage for it?
I have a spare one too but as CL says the value would be higher than £10
I have quite a few of these I would be willing to part with. PM me with offers.
I sure am the man with the white tops!! Are you looking for any more? I have quite a rare clear one aswell. Think it must be a prototype of some sort.
i can offer one of my children as part payment too? :)

no seriously...if someone can give me an idea of what i would need to mortgage my house for to get a replacement (by the sounds of it here) i can workout whether it is even worth considering, or whether i should just glue some feathers to a party hat and stick that on top instead!
either that, or just piffing it in the garbage, as it looks stupid without a cap on it!
to me ,its a bit of white plastic, and if it was the damn green light, then i could have just ordered another cap off mathmos for 5 quid..if it is going to cost too much to replace ,i might as well give up and buy myself a new yellow one instead...
i wonder why they discontinued the opal and the orange??

they were hardly made for long, and the opal was cool as you could change the colour of the bulb in it too....!
i am quite annoyed mathmos don't continue to sell the coloured bulbs for them, as its bloody useless to pay heaps of money for something, and then a couple of years down the track, you can't use it!

my mother feels terrible bout throwing it away, i know, as she has mentioned it quite a few times about how stupid i must think she is for doing it, but i have kept my mouth shut, and said its fine, as its not worth it over a lava lamp...however , i know now,to put away my crestworth galaxy fibre optic light,( that i obtained thanks to a member on here giving me a contact,and brought back to australia with me) whenever my mum comes for a visit, as i know she would wreck it trying to be helpful, like polishing the dome with a scourer or something...i put it away around the kids and the mother/ motherinlaw, as they all have wrecked some nice things..
the first green fluidium i had, my mum picked up and shook to see what happened! i think she thought it was like oil and water that would mix and then re -separate, but i hit the roof when i saw what she had done...it was bad feelings all around, but i had just saved up for 2 months to afford to buy the opal and the green one, and it was wrecked after owning it only a week!
i made her buy me a replacement bottle, and it cost heaps, and i did feel guilty making her pay for it, but she was smug about it when i pointed out it was wrecked, and then she wanted to keep the ruined bottle as a "souvenier"...a souvenier of what, a really horrible exchange ? pffft!
anyway, 10 years on, we have all matured hopefully, and i know mum can't help herself sometimes, doing stupid things, so i know just to let it be...

what is going to happen when we can only buy energy daver lamps, btw? as they do not get hot enough to power a lava lamp, and also, has anyone used glass paint to paint a clear bulb blue, as a replacement bulb for the opal???
Yes i used glass paint for a original clear 40W bulb for a Fluidium. It was paint extra for bulbs with max 60W. I want to make the bulb blue. I read the description and make the working steps. But after a minute the blue change into green and then into brown. The painting burned at 40W. I was very dissapointed. After that i phoned Mathmos 3 months ago. I get 3 blue bulb for my opal Fluidium or my Astro 3 in 1 from a mathmos employee. He told me that all colored bulbs were trash because the Astro 3 in 1 and the opal Fluidium are not longer in produktion. But I´m very happy that i have red and green bulbs for my Fluidium/Astro.


someone pm'd me offering me a cap, but it never went ahead for some reason?

if anyone has a spare cap for the fluidium, please let me know, with a reasonable price please!

i'm not that desperate that i'll pay a fortune for one! lol!


anyone got a cap to sell please???

price + postage to the uk please!

I haven't got a opel fludium cap for sale (or even got a opel fluidium for that matter) - you will have to be lucky to find the cap only as the opels are relatively rair and they are often sold as a entire lamp.

You can buy caps for the yellow and green fluidums from Mathmos.

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