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WTB a Colossus Lamp Or defective colossus globe, or USA Giant

Hello again Lava forum,

As the title says I’m looking to add a colossus lava lamp to my lava collection. My main color combination would preferably be a Blue liquid/yellow wax (appears green) colossus as those colors have always been my favorite dating back to my lava lamp admiration of my past youth.

I know colossus don’t come up for sale too often but I’m keeping my fingers crossed while I have been searching the past few years. 

I am also concurrently looking for a blue/yellow USA giant lava lamp or possible other color variation as well.

Private msg me if we could make a deal.

Thanks and god bless in 2018!

I understand many colossus shipped with defective globes that did not flow, I would love to find one of these globes as I found a base/cap from a local seller, so I could make a complete lamp thanks.

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I want to buy a COLOSSUS lamp.  I also want a LUNAR.

In the meantime also Searching for a Blue/Yellow USA giant...or maybe other giant combos...Bump...

Bump... would entertain trading both lunars straight up for a good condition blue/yellow colossus or, a humungo +cash on my end...

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