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Does anyone know what size or shape the pacifica really was, or have a picture. I read some where on "ozzinggoo" it was but 22" long and 4" around but that is the same as the atlantis.

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Guys: I have all the wave machines including all the regular and dual color models: multicolor waves purple/emerald model 968, strawberry/blue model 972, green/blue wave machine model 16G, and black light wave pink waves with yellow liquid above, fluoresces purple/green wave machines

To be wave or not to be wave thats the question....

Aproximately 10 gallons of fluid would go inside this rather huge vessel

Arne said:

To be wave or not to be wave thats the question....

That will have to be one hell of a motor to lift, light and sound this huge beast.  Around 80 lbs of just fluid, not to mention vessel weight itself.  Keep us posted vessel maker!

wayne miller said:

I works the red is the oil the blue is the water. So what does everyone think would be the best color combo for a second alantis wave machine vessle.
I have the dual color wave machine multicolor that has these two colors: Strawberry/blue wave machine model 972

My dual color Wave Machines work perfect.  My dual color models are rare in many ways: The two color liquids on my dual colors are full with half bottom of vessel one color and top half another color, the vessels are perfectly restored and no cracks on black ends or vessel, acrylics seals that go on the black ends on dual colors are powerful and perfect, motor on base works great, rubber seal from chamber end is powerful and will last forever thanks to Hughes, they are well balanced, all have boxes and the content box inside and have instructions, and they are in terrific shape!  They are super hard to find in this terrific condition!!

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