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I have a mathmos lava lamp and I've just changed the liquid and I kept the old wax,I've heated the lamp up and the wax had now floated to the top of the bottle,Does anyone know why this has happened? Or dies anyone know how to remedy this problem?
Many Thanks.Paulb

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Mathmos formula changes during the years.

Did you mixed old wax and recent liquid?

Try to remove a 1/4 or a 1/3 of the liquid, and replace with water (distiled if possible).

Keep the liquid, in case you remove too much of it, you'll have to put some of it back.

Hi,thank you for your help,yes it's olderish mathmos wax and a newer liquid,great ill try what you said,so frustrating that this has happend,do you think the distiled water will work?

Yes it should.

You just have to find the right amount to replace.

Start by removing a 1/4 of the liquid, it should be OK.

(and keep it safe until the lamp is repared).

Have fun ;-)

Great,thank you do much for your help,ill let you know how I get on.Paul

I hope so!

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