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I got this planter lamp and upon plugging it in, all of the wax settled at the top. The coil had almost no wax on it . I added some perc to weigh down the wax and it began flowing. The wax sticks to the coil perfectly.  Then after about a half hour it just sits there. Im trying to figure out if the wax is too heavy now or not heavy enough to reach the bottom to get heated. Thanks for any advice .


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Water is too light, have to make it heavier.  Now you can use epsom salts.  What I usually do it take a small cup of distilled water heat it up and disolve the epsom salt completely.  Once all the salt has been absorbed into the distilled water then you can slowly add the distilled water/ salt mixture into the globe until you see the wax begin to rise.  You might have to remove some of the original fluid in the globe to make room for the distilled water/salt mixture as you add it in, to ensure you have enough room for expansion once you seal the globe again. Let us know.

II'l pick up some Epsom salts tomorrow. Thanks

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