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I know it seems counterintuitive, but I have a lamp with white wax and clear fluid that I would like to light from the back with RGB LED lights instead. The lightbulb inside is pretty bright, but I need it to warm the globe to make the lava flow. If I were to add the RGB lighting behind it, the existing light coming from the lamp would cancel out the coloured lighting. 

Is there any way to make my existing bulb dimmer while still having it function properly as a warmer?

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Find one of these at a pet store.  Use a dimmer to control heat output. 

 Amazon.com : Repticare Infrared Ceramic Heat Emitter (60 watt) : Aquarium Heaters : Pet Supplies

You can try tin foil also.

Correct on the ceramic heater

I've been making these color change grande for a few years now

A lot of $ went into R&D


You are using the correct wattage heater
The height of the ceramic heater is not too close to the bottom of the globe

If everything is not perfect,  you will end up with this mess:

I've been running my lunar on one of those ceramic heaters and as it had a dimmer it was no problem at all. I'm trying to get hold of a version for small sockets (e14) for years now but the only ones I can find online a from a suspicious looking chines website and I think they only sell huge quantities...having no light gives the wax a totally different look...much more wet looking due to every lightsource reflecting on it. I like it a lot...although it's not rgb related at all, sorry :)

I agree.

That's why most people photograph right after turning the lamp off

I'd just change the socket from the E14 and use the smaller heater

My lunar uses a heating element as well

do you know if the small ones would fit into a (Mathmos) jet style lamp if I change the socket?

you would have to measure the opening of the jet + socket height

Arne said:

do you know if the small ones would fit into a (Mathmos) jet style lamp if I change the socket?

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