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I have been accepted by Lava Lite as an authorized reseller like I used to be with lavaworld. So if you still want a colossus for 499 Plus S&H let me know. I don't know how long this will last. I am limited to what they have listed in stock. The table is 35.00 If you order these from me you save a hundred bucks on the lamp right now.

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The cap makes a great beer bucket!
This was/ the last purple/yellow. I have the table this is just a trial run. I call this one the liberty bell I just picked it up Get 'em while they ship in cold weather.
I agree about the ship in cold weather!! The liquid freezes and doesn't slosh around and mix with everything. I think that's why I've lucked out with 12 lamps I bought in the last month, only 1 didn't work and wasn't at least decently clear. All are clearing up with running them.
What color combos are left? Looked like everything was sold out on the website.
LOL! Why not a 5th of Jack?
Damnit! A day late... If you get news from LW that they have a spare, please let me know! My first choice would be pink/purple with the granite base. :)
Looks great! Do you have the story on what happend to them? I heard many were recalled. If so I'd like to get some parts and build one. any thoughts?
The missing link is the light bulb. 200 watt r-30 and r-40 light bulbs are no longer available. That's what the colossus needs to function correctly. I would think they have a crap load of these stuck in a warehouse as others have said. The bulb is what's out of stock. I am working on an alternative idea but I need more time before i reveal what it is
Thanks for your note...gotta find that warehouse!
I dont care about the bulb... I will get it to work...just need a lamp.
I would use an electric heater and LED bulb.

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