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I have been accepted by Lava Lite as an authorized reseller like I used to be with lavaworld. So if you still want a colossus for 499 Plus S&H let me know. I don't know how long this will last. I am limited to what they have listed in stock. The table is 35.00 If you order these from me you save a hundred bucks on the lamp right now.

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Matt, do you still have a colossus to sell?  I have a friend that expressed interest in one,
i would love to get one but would have to split it into 2-3 payments on ssi disability and get crap to live one lol
I have really wanted one since they came out.I still search the web for them
Yea I know they have their problems still want one.I can deal with it and I can always try to fix the issues that come up with it. :)

Will a br40 work in a colossus?  Thanx

Did in mine.....

Hello, I am interested in a Colossus lava lamp, what colors do you have left and stand/base table options?

Hey Stephan, this thread was from 3 years ago and they dont sell or make these anymore.

oh, crap- I saw the thread still has a current date on it- so maybe there was some. Thank you for letting me know.

lol no worries most of us would've liked one of these but they had major issue.

I want one of these colossus. if you have one left please email me at fearlesspigeon@embarqmail.com


.George S.

I do, please email me options and shipping- sabankosz@ctaccounting.com

thank you!

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