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I chose a company name, and registered a domain! :D

Please take a look at my website, and let me know what you think! I know the graphics need some work, this is basically just a place-holder until I get my real site up and running.

I'm about to pull my hair out over the "create your own lamp" interface, but at least I made a company logo, and got a message board up and running. :p Look up at the top of the page, and you'll see the link. It says "Vortek Forums". Tell me what you think of that, and register if you want to!


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Looks good! Hey looks like my design made it? :) Awesome!!!

Not bad. I hope your business it successful and you can continue to do this.

Looks good for the first time up and running - it is defiantly something that I think not only us on hear will be interested in but others as well - advertising is the next thing to think about.

Well done Mark, but I want to build a lamp  now ;-) 

Thanks, everybody!

I'm still waiting to hear that production is complete, but I'm definitely going to consider some advertising before too long, hopefully!

And yeah! I used some of the designs that people here had me build for practice. :)

Oh, and if I inspired you to build your own lamp, Lava Head, then that's great!

Good luck! Great start so far. :)

Mark, Excellent Site. Can't wait for those glitters.

Thanks, peeps! :D

And I can't wait either...it's been 2 weeks, and still no word on production. I'm getting worried again!

so are these actual lamps you can have psychically built for yourself? or is this all virtual/desktop toy lamps?

These are actual 15" lamps that I ordered from China, and am modding for people.

...Or will be, hopefully. :p

But the interface is supposed to be a fun thing to do online...kinda like a game?

People can pay to have the lamp actually built, though.

So what are the odds of you opening a full blown lava lamp store? You could import all of the wacky chinese lamps we have been after. Excaliburs, pyramids, giant fluidiums, novas, etc. Those would all sell decently simply because nobody else is selling them currently.

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