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I got this lava lamp in early 90's I'm just curious what kind it is 

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You have what appears to be an 'Aztec' model.

Oh Ok thank you 

Most definitely not an Aztec as the Aztec has a screw cap and the one of a kind Sun Gold lava. This appears to be a red Elek-Trick with a clear-red globe.

If the base is sort of tan/bronze color, then the base at least is an aztec.

Looks like an elek-trick to me also.  Here are some pics for comparison

Aztecs from CrunchyCanadian's page

Spiking Aztecs

The coppery red and bronze version of the Aztec

Samples of Elek-tricks from Lamphead's page


Mine must be an Ele-Trick then cause I have same as the 5th one from the left 

Eke-Trick, concur.  Enjoy!

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