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I finally got myself a Wizard glitter (yay!) in red liquid, and the cap code is not 32WG, but its not just 32. It says 32W, and the glitter is not in little silver squares, it is little silver hexagons. It is definitely USA, but looking through the lava library it says the wizards have little squares, and the cap code should just be 32. Also, the glitter likes to get stuck to the bottom after a little while of it being on, and so there is only half of the glitter swirling around inside. The liquid looks like it is lower than usual. Help?

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Thanks so much, Autumn.   I had no idea about the hex shaped glitter, so you've educated me too!! 

Well Miss Marley... seems you and Tweavs answered Ian's questions quite nicely. Sorry I just saw this thread.

All my USA silver glitters have a W behind the color code. WG is strictly multi colored glitter. I'm not at home to look closer to see if the glitter shapes in them differ. I do know the WG's are a finer glitter and flow in them is less than ideal. Stops if they overheat so I use 25W bulbs in them.

As for the fluid level, I prefer there be no space either. I just put the longer caps on the low level ones and short on the others. Most "rise to the occasion" after heating up though. I have had many arrive to me stinking of fuel and leaking. One yellow came to me half empty. Thankfully the seller replaced with a second globe. I made that into a green and added clear glass pebbles to the bottom to bring up the fluid level. (Jus's advice) Only other option is to live with it or buy a USA clear to top the others off.

I too assumed the cap had been tampered with at some point even though it looked like it had never been touched. But when I popped the cap, I found my answer. The red plug looked intact from the outside but had deteriorated and was literally falling apart. Not sealed anymore obviously. Just tightening down any cap whether glitter or Lava just isn't sealed to me. And if you have any pets in the room, can be fatal. Especially birds.

I think I'm gonna go home and tape all mine up with electrical tape to prevent any further evaporation. Because I'm guessing most of those red plugs are in the same brittle condition. And check on the shape of those WG glitters.

Maybe you have a mis coded WG or some kind of prototype. According to Lamphead, they are out there. Will let you know my findings later tonight. Hopefully yours is not a China transplant, Ian.

Thank you kindly, Miss Debs!!!   I hope Ian is still around to see your and Autumn's answers.   I really didn't know what to tell him except things to try.  

That is great to know, Lala, I had no idea some glitter was hex shaped.   I would have thought I had a fake or something. ;-)

my red glitter has the hex glitter as well, and the same code 32w. mine flows great tho

Now you all have me curious.  I'm lookin at both my reds to see what kind of glitter is in them.  I just took it for granted it was like the other colors.  Hang on------both mine appear to be the square glitter, both 32W's, and both flow perfectly.

mine was made in 01 so its right before the move to china

Both mine are 01's also.

ok..... I lied its a 02. there is kinda a slight solvent smell from the cap. but u have to sniff the cap itself. and it dose not leak or look to be tampered with. I just sat it upside down for 5 min

I hope I didn't lie, but mine looks like 01 to me.  I've never smelled any chemical smell, and neither were or are leaking, but remember what Deb said about the red plug under the "soda" cap being bad on hers......UGH    I have a sick pup here, and sure don't want him sniffing that toxic stuff.  I'm turning mine off and checking them good tomorrow.

The smell on mine is very very faint and only when its cold

Reckon that is still enough to be toxic to pets or humans?

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