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It's a little early, but I needed a taste of fall, lol!!! This lamp used to be a blue/clear goo kit that went plum/purple!! I should have shot some b4 pics, but I dumped a butt ton of blue/violet and red dyes into it and colored the water orange!! I think it's pretty close to LL's original!!

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Comment by Carol on August 20, 2015 at 8:54am

Loren, they really do push the holidays!!!  Even in our local retail chain stores, they took the bathing suits away middle July to put fall back to school clothing in!!!  Yeah, who says I can't do Halloween in August.....they do Christmas in July, right??  lol!!!


Hey Crit, gotta tell ya.....I totally jacked your idea, lol!!!  When you told me that, I went scouring the pages on ebay, then was like "hold up, wait a minute"!!!  I have a "SUPPOSEDLY"  BLUE lamp, that is now purple and since all my tried and blue Mt blue dye kits keep happening to turn purple, why not turn that one black/orange, haahaaa......shame it cracked, BUT, here's my chance to "tinker" in the lab some more.....if the LL black/orange comes clear with crap flow, I may experiment b4 the transplant and see if adding a tad bit of MT surf with some more heat might spruce up the flow...highly doubtful but I have to keep remembering that I DID purchase this for a transplant project so as not to be too pissy when it comes cloudy with a chance of poor flow!!!


Thank for the idea Crit....I'm putting it to good use!!!

Comment by Critter on August 19, 2015 at 4:47pm

See I told ya that a blue/purple with orange fluid would work!  And yours smokes current China production for flow quality!  Way to go!

Comment by Loren on August 19, 2015 at 2:18pm

Awesome! And if Hobby Lobby can put Christmas stuff out at the beginning of Summer, nobody can say ANYTHING to you for putting out a little Fall a month early! I say Yay!

Comment by Carol on August 19, 2015 at 9:47am
@LLD, i basically bought the new Spencer's lamp for the transplant project as im not hopeful on having clarity and the flow i want from LL anymore! The few black/orange lamps i did see at my local Spencer's had some white looking fluff floaters in them.

You are spot on about the lighting issue! Without that lamp in the background turned on, u cant see diddly as far as flow!! Oh and then with the starry occlusions in the crap china globe its really poor visibility! Maybe its a good thing it cracked! Lol!! And i caught it in time b4 it spew hot lava all over!
Comment by Michael on August 19, 2015 at 7:43am

Well done! It's a shame it cracked. The liquid actually looks a bit lighter then LL's making the lava action easier to see. It could also just be the lighting and the table lamp. Either way, hopefully you have luck with the Spencer's lamp. The black/oranges I see there regularly seem to flow alright. It probably varies by batch and shipping method. 

Comment by Ian on August 18, 2015 at 11:48pm
This looks absolutely beautiful!! I almost bought a black and orange lava lamp at Spencer's today.. I didn't because I've had bad luck with sticky wax on the last couple I bought, so I was hesitant. But I absolutely love the color combo, as Halloween is my favorite holiday ever.
Comment by Carol on August 18, 2015 at 10:27pm

Ordered new complete LL orange/black 52 oz lamp from Spencer's......couldn't find an orange/black anywhere else.  I def wanted the black base and cap if I was going to have to pay the price for a complete lamp.  Anyway, it was on sale for 22.99 and 11.99 economy shipping.  I had an additional 20 percent off coupon which knocked 4 bucks off of the shipping so all said and done total was like 31 and some chump change.  I could have gotten it for 22.99 if I took the ride to my spencer's but they never have the orange/black and I didn't want to put an orange/black lamp on any other color base but black.  Also it would cost me about 5 bucks to drive there anyway. 


I will fire up the lamp when it arrives if it is clear just for shitz and giggles.......although I have a feeling it will come hazy/cloudy, but to what degree is debatable.  At least I will have a nice lamp once the transplant is done....I''m going to save the black LL wax for maybe a future project...

Comment by Keith on August 18, 2015 at 9:57pm

Well, that suck!!

Comment by Carol on August 18, 2015 at 7:52pm

Well, somebody (the karma or should I say Lava gods) don't want me to have an orange/black.  It seems that this globe was one of the globes that I got beat on from ebay and it started to leak.  I investigated further and it has a hairline crack on the side toward the bottom of the globe.  Weird thing is when it is cooled down it doesn't leak, but when it is hot it was leaking into the light set.  I'm going to save the liquid in a container and once the goo hardens I won't have to worry about that until I buy another globe.  I really don't have any globes that I want to take down at  the moment......oh well, at least I did it early.


Might just take a ride to spencer's and pull some globes from the tubes until I find a 1/2 decent one and buy that for 22 bucks, then transplant.......


Thanks guys for the nice compliments!!!  I did enjoy it while it lasted, lol!!!

Comment by Alex on August 18, 2015 at 7:47pm
Awesome flow!


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