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It's just for practice, you understand...and since this lamp wound up being free, I just took it apart and learned how to replace the cord easily for painting or anodizing. :)

The first image is the way it arrived, then I (finally) got the top and cap off, stored the yellow glitter, and put a fluorescent blue/blue gookit. I still haven't rewired it yet though, so I have the silver WaMu glitter globe on it for now, and the gookit is running on the WaMu base. I'm getting much better with that transparent kind of paint! It was really tricky at first...

I still want to get an anodizing kit though. I found one for $400 that I'm probably going to wind up getting. I just HAVE to be able to anodize these things! I had a look at the selection of colors available, and it's vast. They would just look too amazing to not do it...not to mention actually easier to get a consistent result than spray paint. I just have to sell a few non-anodized lamps first, before I can afford to do that.

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Comment by Loren on April 20, 2012 at 12:36am

It's almost like fate that I found those 2 lamps on ebay at all, but finding them (and winning them) WHEN I did was also pretty advantageous. I was able to find out that the factory had at some point started gluing the tops onto the bottles, making it REALLY hard to get them off. I was able to tell the factory NOT to glue the tops on, and they were happy to be able to skip a step! Whew! Getting 100 lamps with glued-on tops would have sucked, bad.


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