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I was intriqued when I saw this in the classifieds, as didn't know they sold them in the UK (I've got an original USA Aristocrat).

Much cheaper build quality than the originals obviously, but not overly impressed with the globe either.

More column than blobbing, and I just wondered if that was a sign it was running too hot/too cold? Is it typical for these?

It came with a 40w bulb, and changing it to a 35w spot hasn't made any difference.

As much as I like the idea of blue fluid and white wax, I find it's a little too dark for my liking.

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Great score!  With these I find they look best in a darker room because of how dark the fluid can be it seems like the glare from ambient light is more pronounced but in a dark room they look great.  With the flow that is typical flow for the older US made lamps, personally this is some of my favorite flowage but you might try changing to a frosted or clear bulb and or put the globe on a different base.  If you run if for a longer time it might start to break up more also but from the pic that looks normal.

Excellent, thanks for confirming that Cody.

Nice to know it's performing like it should.

I don't mind the flow so much if it's not overheating/doing it any harm, and will try it in a darker room this evening.


Awsome score, you are spot on about the build quality compared to the older ones. I have the same lamp but in yellow/purple. 

Overheating is a lot of small globs hanging out a the top of the globe, they don't like it too hot and will stay off bottom.  Way to hot and it will mound at bottom.

It looks perfect for it's time!

Column flow can indicate that it needs more heat.  You might try experimenting with room placement and ambient conditions.  But yeah, too much heat over time can really mess these up.

I take it back...these globes are a lot of fun when they get moving properly!:

Id say it's typical, I have 2 of the late 90's aristocrat lamps both of mine take a while to heat up and do its thing. I love the white/blue both of mine are yellow/purple. I love a white/blue in a dark room when I'm in chill mode lol. 

I have an Aristocrat blue/white/gold (late 80s). It takes quite a bit of time (4hrs-ish) for it to start blobbing. Just from observation, it seems to go through three states (not counting off). First it shoots lava tubes up, then it forms a column, then finally it starts producing blobs of various sizes. Mine still has the original light bulb.

Thanks for sharing. that'e exactly the same 'escalation pattern' as mine!

I really like the fact that you get so much variation.

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