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Anyone looking for a Fluidium globe? And is this green or yellow?

Bought this today at a thrift store. They told me they had a complete one and a bottle, and someone bought the complete one and left the extra bottle. The lava is yellow, but it's kind of hi-liter marker yellow-green. I have a green Fluidium and its lava is GREEN, but they both glow bright yellow-green under blacklight. Has the silver "Mathmos" logo on it, and the liquid is very clear. Maybe Fluidium experts know what color I have here.

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fluidium at a thrift store in the USA?  someone is nuts!  i'm looking for a whole fluidium lamp, not just a globe.

I'll take it
At a thrift store?!?! Really??? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the whole lamp but I'm not having luck with finding a US vendor. I'm assuming whoever got rid of it didn't realize what they had.

I'm looking for a replacement globe for one of my Fluidiums. It's yellow lava w/clear fluid. I broke the neck of the bottle trying to remove the cap because one of the coils had come out of place. If anyone has a replacement for sale, color doesn't matter, I would be interested in purchasing it from you.

Really interesting and rare find in the US.

Some earlier fluidums are UV reactive - there bases as well as the wax but i think the newer globes arn't. I don't know why they are UV reactive exactly as it wasent advertised maybe it is just the type of dye used or they wanted to give people a surprise.

Any movement on this, if not, am interested.  Let me know, thanks Jonas!

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